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Sonic Wave Skatepark T Shirt

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Sonicwave Skateboard Park was a concrete skatepark in Albany, NY.  It opened in the late spring of 1979 and closed for good in December of 1980.  Designed by Curtis Hesselgrave, the park was a unique indoor/outdoor facility, with six runs in total.  The indoor park (which could be skated year-round) had four runs: a 6-foot deep square reservoir, a 4-5 foot deep, 60-foot long “trench run”, a smaller 8-9 foot deep kidney pool, and a 10-11 foot deep teardrop (or “bidet”) shaped pool that was the highlight of Sonicwave and one of the best bowls east of the Mississippi!  Outdoors, the park featured a giant banked freestyle area and a larger 12-foot deep kidney pool. 

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